Incentive Program

Blue & Gold Sausage Co. strives to put the fun in fundraising. To encourage better sales for your group, we offer an incentive program in conjunction with Visa. This program is designed to motivate your group members by rewarding the top-selling person, or persons with great prizes.

More Points = More Prizes!

The prizes are based on a point system. The more products your group sells, the more prizes you earn for your top sellers.

Each package of sausage is worth one point.

Each package of bacon is worth one point.

Each package of chicken is worth two points.

When calculating your group's points we will combine all your fall sales together, as well as all spring sales. We will not combine fall and spring sales together. The total number of points that your group earns is applied to the following scale:

500 points = One $100 gift card

1500 points = Two $100 gift cards

2500 points = Three $100 gift cards

3500 points = Four $100 gift cards

For each additional 1,000 points you will receive one additional gift card.

After your sale, determine what you need and give us a call to place your order. Please order your prizes as soon after your sale as possible. No orders for incentive items will be accepted after May 1.

A Top Sales Person gift is given to each group when their first order is delivered each year. We suggest that this be presented to the member that sells the most products for the entire year.

If you have any questions about the Incentive Program please contact us at 405-399-2954, Monday-Friday between 9 am-5 pm (CST). Thank you for your business and good luck with your sales!

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